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Bajaj Housing Finance Limited Digitizes HR on the Cloud with TCS CHROMA™

Unifies HR processes, on agile and scalable platform, for driving efficiency and employee experience

Bajaj Housing Finance Limited (BHFL)


Lack of scalability, operational drag, and disjoint processes demanded an agile HR solution.

BHFL continuously invests in meeting its customer needs that include better technology, agile processes, and workforce empowerment. In line with the business philosophy, BHFL decided to transform its Human Capital Management (HCM) solution, as the existing system hindered their HR and talent management goals. Lack of scalability, transactional over-heads, stand-alone recruitment and onboarding processes, higher turn-around-time (TAT) for employee requests, and absence of digitized calibration process as well as 360 degree employee feedback, compelled BHFL to look for an integrated and agile platform.


TCS CHROMA™, with a single-point-of-accountability, helps BHFL drive enterprise-wide visibility and superior employee experience.

BHFL was looking to drive efficient HR operations and enhance employee experience by offering unified solution across various HR functions. BFL (Bajaj Finance Limited), the parent organization of BHFL, has been successfully leveraging CHROMA™, TCS’ HR and talent management solution on the cloud. Therefore, BHFL also decided to harness CHROMA, carving-out a fully operational HR and talent management solution in less than a month. The scalable and integrated solution with greater automation and enhanced self-service, has helped BHFL reduce operational over-heads and increase strategic focus. The solution comprises end-to-end capabilities including Recruitment, On-boarding, Organization and People Management, Leave, Performance Appraisals, Rewards and Recognition, Business Expenses, and Payroll. The solution has helped BHFL with greater efficiency through – real time updates, multi-channel sourcing, and digitalized processes. TCS CHROMA™, with end-to-end HR processes and a single point of accountability, has helped BHFL drive enterprise wide visibility and enhanced employee experience. 

TCS CHROMA™ has enabled agile processes while empowering employees, in line with our core HR goals.

Alok Ojha, National Manager - Compensation & Benefits, Bajaj Housing Finance Limited (BHFL)

BHFL achieves enterprise wide visibility, greater efficiency and unified experience with TCS CHROMA™

Unified end-to-end HR processes, on agile and scalable platform, drive efficient HR operations while enhancing employee experience. Greater automation, enhanced self-service, a single point of accountability and enterprise wide visibility empower BHFL with a transformed HR function on the cloud.


digitized and unified HR operations


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