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August 11, 2017

Digital ecosystems are alive and ticking. They are impacting your customers purchase journey across sectors. It comes as no surprise that most top performing companies today are enthralling their customers by intensely tapping into the digital universe to capture and aggregate the diverse offerings of the multiple players including manufacturers, suppliers, developers, and collaborators.

Whether startups or behemoths, companies today understand the importance of engaging with the digital ecosystem to create one-stop-shop platforms to meet customer needs.

Read my previous blogpost ‘Use Digital Ecosystems to Exceed Your Customers Expectations Now’ for an in-depth understanding of the crucial importance of participating in digital ecosystems, and examples highlighting the benefits therefrom.

Look at this recent app integration – Spotify, a music, podcast, and video streaming service, has partnered with Waze, Googles navigation app, to improve customers current distracted driving experience arising from operating a playlist while also launching a mapping app. This partnership will reinvent customer experience (CX), by letting the apps swap basic functionality;reducing the amount of phone-fidgeting one needs to do while driving.

Consider Amazons recently launched drive-up service called AmazonFresh Pickup. It allows customers to order Amazon Fresh products such as groceries online, jump in their car, drive to one of the AmazonFresh grocery stores, and an Amazon employee will load the groceries into their car.

When entire markets are being increasingly shaped by aggregation platforms cutting across industries, your company cannot continue to operate in a cocoon.

You have to think and prepare the where and the how of your products and services in the new ecosystem, to reinvent CX. Understand your customers needs and then design solutions for them. For example, Airbnb now makes recommendations to its customers based on where they were in the trip-planning process. Its recently launched For You tab will show travelers currently on holiday what they can do that’s near them.

Needless to say, visionary companies are already plugging into the opportunities in todays digital ecosystems. Why should you simply watch them? It is time to act. I propose five steps to help your company deliver an amazing CX at every step of your customers purchase journey.

  1. Design to differentiate and integrate
  2. Gain a deeper contextual understanding of your individual customer needs
  3. Start to imagine and design your products and services for the future
  4. Include and leverage community networks
  5. Identify ecosystem partners to collaborate and innovate

To learn how to deliver a better CX through journey aggregation and understand these five steps in greater detail, read my article Why Your CX Must Soon Plug and Play into a Digital Ecosystem in the latest volume of Perspectives, our management journal.

Antony Grigg is an ex TCSer and was the Global Digital and CX Practice Lead for Business Consulting focused on defining future journeys and new operating models. Antony is a Thought leader on the impact of 'digital' on Customer Experience and the future enterprise, speaking at conferences, innovation events, round tables and breakfast meetings across all industries.


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