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May 25, 2018

Moving to cloud is no more an enterprise venture, but a business staple for growth and sustenance.  Cloud offers better business agility to match changing customer demands, accelerated time to market for faster app launches or upgrades, scalable capacity to accommodate more with less, and effortless security. Up and running enterprise migration to cloud calls for seamless and non-disruptive migration and upgrade. This necessitates a very closely tied IT strategy to assure the integration points in migration and performance, security of application and data beyond migration. The CIO of one of our customers very appropriately summarized in his cloud roadmap discussion, “Do I risk more by attempting to move faster, cheaper, and better?”

Early adopters had either established a firm governance mechanism and quality control right there while migrating to cloud or implemented it as an afterthought. This was because they didn’t want the cost gains by cloud to be run down by its failure. The growing dynamism in software cycle together with the adoption of agile, have necessitated an equally tight assurance practice to be embedded throughout the cycle.

Right from the choice of cloud infrastructure, to that of cloud application and the software development methodology, assuring each step in cloud becomes crucial. A matured IT strategy wrapped with quality control mandates holistic assurance cover for cloud. An effective cloud assurance strategy involves:

  • Integrity check and sustenance of infrastructure on cloud- adequately secured, serviced, and automated
  • Risk assessment of data on cloud with key checks on accessibility, authorization, integrity, and protection
  • Cloud application architecture strategy and its integration for seamless synchronization between on-cloud and off cloud applications and data
  • Compliance check of cloud solutions for adherence to industry standards and ease of data availability and accessibility
  • Sustainability strategy in terms of performance even during scale-up

To attain this zero-risk cloud migration, assurance OF the cloud, assurance ON the cloud, and assurance WITH the cloud make up for an inclusive assurance cover of cloud.

Assurance OF Cloud

  • Assessing and assuring the cloud environment and infrastructure before the move to cloud from on-premise set up.
  • Reassuring environment aspects — testing the cloud infrastructure and environment along with thorough validation of database, servers, load balancers, disaster recovery, backup and restore, and high availability.
  • With a public cloud, attributes like billing, metering, and multi-tenancy are also assured for qualitative and quantitative aspects.

The security and scalability aspects of cloud infrastructure form the back bone of its sustainability as a solution.

Assurance ON Cloud

Assuring the application and data that is migrated to cloud or apps on cloud models.  The key aspect of assurance here is integration of application and data on cloud with on-premise and legacy.

Needless to say, security, and performance of application and data on cloud is as important as the security and performance of cloud by itself. Mostly enterprises get apprehensive of application performance when they are hosted on private cloud and application security when hosted on public cloud. A thorough assurance strategy make the on-cloud applications safe and secure.

Assurance WITH cloud

Assuring things on cloud with cloud test infrastructure and pay per use models. This not only saves the upfront test infrastructure investment but also enables choosing test services on-demand and in flexible rendition.

Though cloud models come with explicitly spelled benefits of cost optimization, infrastructure utilization, and flexible operation models, it becomes difficult to realize them without having a thoroughly deliberated and evaluated IT strategy right from the start. As IT advisors and 360o value partners, we endeavour to craft a unique yet dynamic IT strategy for our customers to move to cloud and stay sustainable to continue reaping business benefits.

Sasmita Swain is Consultant for Presales and Solutions with Assurance Services. She has contributed to Enterprise package implementation, roll-outs and MES implementations as well as solutioning and consulting assignments for end to end QA program implementations, next generation assurance and Digital assurance offerings creations. She has over four years of experience in IT and three years in the Manufacturing and Energy and Resources domain.


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