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August 1, 2017

The importance of impeccable customer service cannot be emphasized enough. While there are many dimensions to customer loyalty and customer experience (CX), one crucial dimension is modern contact centers that support billions of customers.

The humble contact centers have, until recently, conjured up images of serpentine loops of employees wired into telephonic systems. They have been viewed as necessary back office features of most organizations. Nothing more.

But today, contact centers are being reimagined. Microsoft Dynamics Unified Service Desk (USD), for example, provides a framework for deploying front-end apps at call centers so agents can get a unified view of the customer. USD provides a 360 view of the customer interactions by pulling customer information from disparate enterprise applications into an integrated dashboard. Customer service agents need not juggle through multiple systems, have all the customer information they need to engage with customers, and address queries and issues in the most efficient manner. USD can also help improve the performance of your contact center, make sure you always have the right number of agents on hand, and enhance your CX capabilities significantly.

What if you transform your contact centers into nimble, dynamic, digitally adept institutions that deliver exceptional CX?

In the current digital first world, I believe this is no longer a matter of choice. Let me explain why. A consumers purchase journey has become quite complicated. They have more information than ever before; but they dont have the time to make sense of it by themselves. Moreover, innovative tech products in the market are not so simple to understand. For regular support and clarity, consumers expect regular interaction with companies. And with new technologies coming up, this requirement will only increase.

Smart companies are seizing this opportunity. They appreciate the importance of using service interactions at their contact centers as vital touch-points to engage more intensely with their customers, solve their queries, and gain insights into their behavior.Forward-looking banks, for example, have realized that the long-neglected contact center is actually a critical element in improving CX and promoting the migration to digital. Leading-edge banks are going beyond phone, email, chat, and social media to offer video and screen sharing. They are also using speech and episode analytics to obtain deeper insights into their customer behavior.

Though creating a futuristic contact center is viewed as a costly affair, companies are using digital technologies such as extended Interactive Voice Response (IVR) functionality, chatbots, video contact centers, and computer-aided customer feedback to cut down the costs. Read my article Reimagining the Contact Center with Digital Technologies in the latest edition of Perspectives, our management journal, to understand the sheer importance and massive potential of growing your contact centers with digital technologies while keeping costs under check.

Rohit Kale heads Microsoft Dynamics practice within Enterprise Solutions business unit in TCS. He has over 22 years of industry experience including 21 years in TCS. Rohit has played various consulting and leadership roles such as Solution Architect, Program Manager, CoE Lead, Business Relationship Manager and Global Delivery Head. He has led many end-to-end engagements in the domain of Financial Services, Automotive, Retail and Telecommunications which include key programs for GE Capital, AutoZone, Tata Motors, Verizon, The Home Depot and Motorola. Rohit is an Engineering graduate from VJTI, Mumbai, India.


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