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April 15, 2016

Seeing the world through the eyes of others gives you a competitive advantage because so few businesses have a disciplined method for doing so.Brian Solis, Principal Analyst at Altimeter

In todays digital marketplace all businesses have access to sophisticated marketing tools and techniques to reach target audiences. But, can your company offer a differentiated and brand recall worthy customer experience across various touch points? Businesses need to see the world and more importantly their products through the customers eyes to get a good understanding of the real value they are bringing to the table.

Today despite the industry one is in, most consumer facing organizations are in the business of truly selling customer experiences or moments, and the products and services are merely a part of those experiences across customer journeys. The product is just an enabler, or a prop, used in creating that magical customer experience.

Among the most effective customer touch point tools for building long term customer relationships and nurturing leads, is email marketing. However, as per a recent survey only 21% customers recalled receiving promotional emails that made an impact and stayed on in their memories, within the previous few months. Amidst so much noise being created by marketing and promotional activities, there seems to be an overabundance of messages that are obscure and un-impressionable, lacking empathy and connect with the audience.

There have been many reports about the decreasing attention span of the modern digital consumer and hence, the focus on shorter and simpler marketing messages. In a recent study conducted by Google, however, on the impact and effectiveness of YouTube ads, it was found that the longer versions (1 minute version and 30 seconds version) of the same ads actually had higher overall views and view through rates, as compared to the shorter ad (15 seconds version). This clearly implies that customers are ready to invest their time and attention towards meaningful marketing messages and qualitative storytelling, but anything less is going to compel them hit the Skip Ad button.

Did you know that an engaged customer can generate 1.7 times more revenue. On an average businesses can generate a 10% increase in their margins by being more customer centric across various touch points of customer journey.And hence, creating moments of recall for customers across each touch point helps businesses connect and engage with customers in real sense.

People long for good storytelling and content that is relevant and useful. Marketers who focus on those attributes will be able to cut through the noise and build deeper customer engagement.

Check out more facts in this infographic, Achievable Digital Transformation for Retailers.


Aditi Roy Ghatak is Digital Marketing Content Strategist with the TCS Digital Software & Solutions Group. She has extensive experience in technology research which includes upcoming trends in the digital, social and information technology field and analyzing their applications across businesses. She also has prior experience in market intelligence activities which included studying industry trends to identify potential business opportunities and has been responsible for segment and account based marketing. She has published articles on enterprise cloud applications across industries and digital as well as social media trends. She covers current topics and digital trends in the e-Commerce and customer analytics space on the Because Digital blog.


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