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December 30, 2020

Presently, organizations are focusing on optimizing their resources in a fiercely competitive environment. As Benjamin Franklin said, “Lost time is never found again”, time is a valuable resource for the IT industry too. Human resource management is an essential part of every IT company. HR process automation is going to evolve the HR space very soon. 

It is imperative for any business to use a file transfer system for moving business data with security and efficiency, regardless of file size, file transfer volume or complexity. File transfer automation can resolve many hurdles of the secure data transfer process.

Traditionally, this process needs collaboration of the IT and Infrastructure teams where the Infrastructure team moves files manually with the IT team’s help by executing jobs to send the files from source folder to the destination folder. Multiple teams are involved in the file transfer process which consumes valuable project time and increases redundancy and failures. Due to dependency on the Infrastructure team, it takes longer to close the customer request.

Whether you send a hundred file transfers a week, dozen a day, or even more, automation is a smart step for most businesses. There is a need to enhance the existing file transfer process by developing a utility which is a powerful tool to help get rid of unreliable manual processes and cut down potential errors, reduce the need for scripts, free up manual time spent on creating and maintaining jobs, and most importantly, transfer the files to the desired destination. File Transfer Utility transfers recurring or high-volume file transfers, so IT departments can pivot away from the cumbersome tasks that surround file transfer and instead focus on more significant projects.

File Transfer Utility offers the following features:

  • It is built on Waterfall Methodology using Java technology.

  • There are four file transfer mode options available:

    • File transfer within Application servers
    • File transfer from Secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server to Application server
    • File transfer from Application server to Secure FTP server
    • File transfer within Secure FTP servers
  • The utility provides users a simple user interface to define the parameters and configurations to transfer single/bulk files between folders.

  • File transfer can be scheduled as an automated job using this utility.

  • Configurable options are designed to restrict access to specific user roles such as - Infrastructure Team, Administration team, etc. - to avoid any kind of security breach.

  • Real-time logs are available on the screen to assist users to comprehend the list of successful and unsuccessful file transfer.

  • User can avail archiving functionality to archive the fully processed files.

  • Configurable options can be chosen to send email notifications on the status execution to the key stake holders.

Implementation of File Transfer Utility can be beneficial to various teams such as Payroll, Administration and Infrastructure. When Payroll team receives the payslip/form16 file from customer, it can use the File Transfer Utility to transfer the files to the designated folder. Similarly, the Administration team can use this utility for file transfer whenever there is issue in Admin files. This utility can be used by the Infrastructure team for any file transfer within the desired folders.

Today’s business demands are fast paced and unrelenting. When it comes to meeting these demands, efficiency is often the crux. Even worse is the failure to deliver services and products to customers or to meet compliance regulations. When your data transfer needs are complex from large file transfers to the management of sensitive compliance-regulated data or high-volume file transfer workflows, a more robust and automation-enabled system will take your organization a great deal further.

Anisha Nandi is a Functional Analyst of Platform Solutions unit at TCS. She has more than three years of experience in Banking, Insurance and HR solution projects. She holds a Bachelor of Technology degree in Information Technology from Netaji Subhash Engineering College, Kolkata.


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