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April 12, 2017

One of the primary objectives for most companies today is to not only collect and store data from multiple sources efficiently, but to effectively analyze it for new insights. If you put the right insights in the hands of decision-makers, you'll uncover new efficiencies, see problems before they grow, and drive business value.

Data driven insights


The window for delivering insights 'at the right time' is closing. Speed is a critical enabler for companies, as they must accelerate core operations and respond to change faster.


Today, great technologies, such as powerful in-memory computing platforms, aim to break speed barriers to drive faster decisions.

How can companies quickly deploy powerful technology to drive business value? We can draw some pointers from our ongoing engagement with a global technology leader. The company has driven success by leveraging the best tech of today to position themselves for the innovations of tomorrow. Their focus on innovation and enhancement has been critical in their ongoing digital transformation journey. Together, we adopted a phased approach to leverage the remarkable power and speed of in-memory computing-first migrating key reports, then moving the company's entire ERP suite, with our eyes set on full suite adoption in the future.

Migrating the company's ERP business suite was a huge step toward unifying it and delivering faster insights. A key priority was to accelerate the delivery of 'flash reports', which provided a global up-to-date view of daily revenue. One of the business' most critical pieces of leadership decision-making information, this was previously readily available only to the US - and not APAC and EMEA operations. The engagement delivered enhanced user experiences with faster applications and data, including a 75 percent improvement in speed of delivering some daily reports.

And even as we continue to work closely with the company to build on these successes, I can offer-

Four key takeaways on how an organization can get insights to the right people at the right time:

  1. Plan with the right partner – A partner that understands your business and your goals can help you plan big moves, while mitigating challenges and driving opportunities.
  2. Leverage proven best practices – A best practice approach to implementation, testing, coding, and tools can ensure success at every step.
  3. Prioritize critical insights – Delivering information for critical decision making will empower enterprise leaders to make winning decisions.
  4. Look to the future – Be ready for new innovations with a culture of adaptability and foresight to lead in tomorrow's world.

The value we drive for our partners speaks to our mission as an organization. We're ready to learn about your business goals and discuss how we can drive performance, efficiencies, and new levels of speed to your business.

Vice President & Global Head, Enterprise Application Services Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

With over 25 years of international leadership experience, Akhilesh helps TCS customers unlock value and generate growth from their business applications investments. He oversees the strategy and growth of the organization’s global SaaS application portfolio—ranging from long-standing enterprise application partners, such as SAP, Oracle and Salesforce, to best-of-breed applications focused on specific business needs or industries. Akhilesh and his team of business and technology leaders focus on innovating, designing and delivering Cloud-centric technology solutions that have helped some of the world’s largest and most complex organizations to become agile enterprises, poised for growth and innovation. Under Akhilesh’s leadership, the Enterprise Application Services practice has received numerous partner awards and leadership rankings from leading industry analysts.

Connect with Akhilesh on LinkedIn and Twitter.



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