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November 26, 2018

As an engineer, I was trained to build large IT systems that cut through the clutter and deliver precise outcomes. As a marketer, I believe in taking a similar approach by breaking down boundaries to offer just the right experience for my clients.

As we unveil TCS Pace™, our newest and all-encompassing innovation offering, I am excited about the opportunity we have to orchestrate such contextual and connected experiences for our customers by collaborating across geographical, functional, and sectoral boundaries. At TCS Pace Port™ centers around the globe, which are physical centers of collaborative innovation, our clients will be able to engage with us to explore their emerging business needs as we execute mini projects to help them envision their future.

Much has been said about the challenges of branding in the digital age. The profusion of digital touchpoints, proliferation of choices, along with the reducing attention spans of demanding customers create a heady mix of trials for brands today. But I firmly believe that for these very reasons, clients value the experience with brands that they have engaged with over time.

When I look back at the large engagements I have worked on and the deep relationships I have built in my years at TCS, I realize that offering personalized experiences is not new to us. Technologies have come and gone, as have some of the businesses themselves, but our clients have for several decades relied on us to assume the shape of the innovation they needed.

TCS was born during the third industrial revolution, a period when mass computing brought in previously inconceivable efficiencies and productivity. We helped hundreds of global organizations generate value by enabling them to operate in their most efficient avatars.

Today, 50 years on, as we walk alongside our long-standing clients as they grow and transform, we find them increasingly turning to us as an innovation partner breaking new ground with them. For us, it has been a journey of reorienting ourselves to be a growth and transformation partner to them.

In a Business 4.0 world that is Agile, automated, intelligent, and on the cloud, consumer experience has set very high standards for business experience. TCS Pace was born out of this imperative, and brings together all the capabilities of a vast organization like ours – a wide range of services, along with partnerships and research capabilities – into a crucible in which we can experiment both for and with clients to aid their Business 4.0 journeys.

Our TCS Pace Port locations will be experiential spaces featuring Innovation Showcases where visitors can experience our cross-industry research and innovation stories; COIN™ Accelerators and Academic Research Labs that are designed to enable PoCs or short research projects with start-ups, academic institutions, and other partners; Agile Workspaces that aim to solve specific problems in a sprint or two; and Design Thinkspaces where the combined impact of digital forces are brought to life with the help of design thinking.

As we embark on yet another exciting journey, our TCS Pace Port centers welcome you to come and innovate with us and create yet another memorable experience.


Ravi Viswanathan was the Chief Marketing Officer at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). Ravi was credited with getting the Chennai operations of TCS to its current position as the largest center globally, with an employee base of over 70,000 spread across 16 locations. In his previous roles, Ravi was President of the TCS Growth Markets business, and also managed the Public Sector-Government space worldwide. During his tenure as President, he strategized and partnered with several key clients in their digital growth and transformation journeys. Ravi was formerly President of the Madras Management Association, and is a distinguished alumni awardee from NIT Trichy.



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