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December 28, 2018

We all know how crucial a resume is for employment of a candidate. It is usually documented for a prospective employer as part of the job application process and enables the prospective employer to determine whether an applicant should be short-listed for an interview.

A typical resume contains the following information:

  • Personal details such as contact information, passport or SSN details, and hobbies and interests
  • Educational and professional qualifications
  • Skills and certifications
  • Work experience or career history
  • Achievements or references 


Employer’s Challenge

A resume is usually drawn by job seekers and tends to become a marketing document that they use to show their credentials to prospective employers. Candidates are short-listed based on what is mentioned in the resume. It is difficult for the prospective employers to verify the genuineness of the resume and ascertain the value of the candidate. Several rounds of interviews like phone interview, face-2-face Interview, and management interview of several candidates over several weeks and months are conducted to ascertain the genuineness, trust, and the fitment. Even then, in many cases, it depends on just a few minutes’ interview and the interviewer’s instinct.

What if the moment recruitment officer sees a resume, he/she is assured of its genuineness; assured of the educational qualifications, work experience, and also the achievements of the candidate? Won’t it make the process significantly efficient, more trust worthy and reliable? How can it be achieved?

Professional Resumes Powered by Blockchain

It would be very interesting to apply the blockchain technology to resumes. All the key components of the resume such as personal identity and details, qualifications and certifications, work experience, and achievements can be all put on blockchain creating a validated and tamper-proof resume.

Personal identity and details can be validated through the unique identity system of the respective country. Educational qualifications can be validated by the educational institutes and universities. Work experience and achievements can be validated by the respective organization where the candidate would have worked previously. Recommendations can be put and validated by the references.

A blockchain-based solution for resume management will facilitate capturing and managing the entire lifecycle of a resume. Candidates can start with their personal details, which can be validated using the unique identification system. Thereafter, they can create /add a block each time they achieve a qualification, award, certification, work experience, or project experience. The blocks can be validated by designated validators as mentioned above. Suppose a candidate successfully completes his/her graduation in Economics. This degree can be added to the block and validated by the concerned university. Several universities across the world such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology or Financial University of Russia have already adopted blockchain technology to issue and store the degrees/certificates accredited to the students.

Similarly, work experience with an organization can be added as a block and validated by the supervisor and HR of the organization. The resume is built through such events and experiences, validated in a tamperproof manner, and made available to corporate and organizations in the public network.

Biodata Management for Online Matrimonial or Dating Industry

According to, online dating industry is worth 3bn USD in the US alone in 2018 and is growing. The consumers of this industry spend on an average one hour daily on the app/website in their pursuit of perfect match.

Though the primary objective of a resume is to improve professional viability of a candidate, it is used in a slightly modified form (biodata) for the online matrimonial or dating sites too. Therefore, the concept of blockchain-managed resume might have far-reaching effects even for the online matrimonial or dating industry. Trustworthiness is extremely significant in this industry where partner seekers need to trust the details of the individuals that are available online. This can be provided by blockchain in a tamperproof way. Therefore, blockchain-enabled resumes/ biodata can help partner seekers as much as the organizations looking to hire trustworthy candidates.

Don’t you think a tamper-proof immutable blockchain-enabled resume can significantly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the end-to-end recruitment process making it faster, reliable, and trust worthy? And, improve the prospects of an individual for finding a trusted match on the marriage or dating sites?

Pritesh Doshi is an ex TCSer and was the head of Pre-Sales for Oracle Practice at TCS Platform Solutions. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant and has over 13 years of ERP and BI experience across a diversified set of industry verticals. He specializes in Finance and Accounting Consulting and Solutions. He has successfully performed various strategic and transformational roles for TCS clients.


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