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September 13, 2016

ess-twitter-880x665Speed, agility, mobility, flexibility and endurance. These are the key attributes of both elite athletes and of leading companies that are winning the race for market share and customer loyalty. Companies that can't act quickly will have to watch its rivals, both established companies and more nimble upcoming once, race right by.

The cloud is your ultimate friend in these high-stake environments. The faster companies move their critical business applications to the cloud, the greater their competitive advantage.

This year at Oracle OpenWorld, taking place in San Francisco from September 18-22, I am excited to co-present with two of our most innovative clients who are front-runners in successful cloud adoption: Glory Global Solutions and Knowles Corporation. These trendsetting companies will join us on stage to share highlights of our joint efforts to successfully digitize their operations, speed up their cloud adoptions and bring agility to the supply chain.

Harnessing the Cloud's Potential

Adoption of cloud is by no means a smooth course for companies, especially for large enterprises who have complex IT systems to manage their global business. There are many obstacles which stand in the way of achieving desired result that the cloud promises: an agile enterprise. By agile enterprise, I'm talking about bringing together the key capabilities a business needs to become a flexible and fast-moving organization which can respond intelligently to unexpected challenges as well as opportunities. The agile enterprise's goals: to achieve competitive advantage and meet customer needs through continuous improvement and innovation. The foundation tenants of the agile enterprise are business agility, simplification, predictive insights, security and compliance.

Moving enterprise applications to the cloud is essential to achieving business agility. The capabilities and performance of a company's ERP system have never played a more critical role in business success and the multi-year implementation cycles of the past are no longer acceptable. Fortunately, the largest vendors, like Oracle, are leading the way for their customers. According to Gartner, 30% of new software investments by large vendors will be on the cloud by 2019.

New Approaches for Speeding Transitions to the Cloud

TCS' Oracle Practice has been working with numerous clients to help them fully and rapidly capitalize on cloud-based enterprise systems. Through this work, weve developed highly effective strategies for speeding transitions to cloud and overcoming the potential pitfalls to success. Here are just two examples:

  • Plugging functionality gaps: Even the best of the SaaS solutions can't anticipate and meet every business' need. Fortunately, there are PaaS (platform as a service) options that can help fill in these functionality blanks and ensure smooth cloud deployments.Oracle does a fantastic job enabling vendors to seamlessly plug in functions as needed, making it appear and work like a single system to both the IT department and the end-user. My recent blog, Filling in the missing pieces of SaaS solutions includes more insights on PaaS and examples of how TCS has been able to help Oracle SaaS customers fill functionality gaps in the standard Oracle Cloud.
  • Leveraging automation tools to speed the process:Companies should look for opportunities to use automation and pre-configured tools wherever possible to save time and improve processes, while still getting most of the functionality they need. Pre-configured transition tools—like the one that plugs into Oracle HCM SaaS allowing bi-directional communication with employees—accelerators, and industry-oriented business process frameworks can significantly speed the configuration process by replacing tasks that once required weeks of hands-on activities from IT.

By combining proven approaches like the ones outlined above with TCS' five best practices for a speedy transition to the cloud and a ruthless focus on digital business goals, you'll be lapping the competition in the cloud-enabled race for business agility.

There are more cloud insights and success stories to be had at Oracle OpenWorld 2016. My team and several of our most forward-thinking clients - including Vail Resorts, American Airlines, Flowserve, Hyatt, McDermott, and, of course, Glory Global Solutions and Knowles Corporation—will be there to share how to achieve agility and competitive advantage with the cloud.

Join the cloud conversation at Oracle OpenWorld 2016 with us and schedule time to meet with our Oracle experts and business consultants ahead of the event. I look forward to seeing you in San Francisco!

Sunder Singh is an ex TCSer and used to head the Global Oracle Practice at Tata Consultancy Services where he lead global teams that design, implement and optimize Oracle solutions to bring new innovations to TCS clients. With more than 25 years of IT experience including programming, system analysis, and large program management, Sunder held management positions across many geographies and industry verticals, including banking, manufacturing, insurance, and print publishing and information services.


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