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August 15, 2017

Customer experience (CX), is not a buzzword, its a real thing that describes how the world interacts with your brand, and its part of the reason your company is where it is today. Organizations that provide a great experience see and hear customers raving about them on social media and then find theyre attracting even more business. In that way, CX fuels a virtuous cycle of success and customer loyalty.

According to the Adobe Digital Trends 2017  report, CX has moved to the top of the boardroom agenda, ahead of data-driven marketing, and cross-channel marketing initiatives.

Across the globe companies are investing in improved CX. French bank BNP Paribas recently announced that it would spend $3.2 billionto implement a digital transformation project that improves CX and saves costs. US retailer Home Depot, on the other hand, achieves $5 billion of online sales and at the same time continues to focus on providing a stellar in-store customer experience.

Tweak Your Way to a Mesmerizing CX

Experience tells us that the companies that get their CX right are often the ones that adopt an incremental and iterative approach to CX design and execution rather than expecting to achieve seismic shifts. On the face of it, numerous small initiatives might seem difficult to track and manage, but have the potential to deliver phenomenal returns since investments are low, and performances can be easily tracked and measured.

If youre wondering about where to find these low-investment CX opportunities with outsized ROIs, here is a two-step mapping process that will help you:

1. Map the customer journey in detail – The key to success is the ability to put yourself in the        customers shoes, to think from his or her perspective and envisage an experience that will            enthuse and excite them.

2. Map your capabilities so you can play to your strengths – This requires you to understand the           gap between what the customer       now experiences and what he or she wants. Minor tweaks         such as increased automation and better technology interface can deliver big gains.

You can find real life stories and case studies that illustrate the way winning organizations are applying these principles in my article ‘When CX Should Begin with Tweaks, Not Disruption‘ in Perspectives, our management journal.

Paul is an ex TCSer and highly creative, motivated, and results-driven customer experience executive with strategic vision, drive, and focus. An effective leader and contributor with over 19 years of global, cross-industry experience executing on growth strategies to support current business initiatives, as well as positioning businesses for future growth via strategic planning, innovation, and technology application/integration.


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