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August 11, 2016

TCS’ widespread operations, its diverse culture and the exciting career opportunities that it offers were showcased at the third annual Discover TCS event held at the Seven Hills facility, Cincinnati, OH.

Representatives from more than 25 schools across the U.S including Carnegie Mellon University, the University of Chicago, Georgia Institute of Technology and Texas A&M University, participated in the event. “TCS plans to triple the number of campus hires over the next several years to support our business objectives. To do this, we must work more strategically with schools that are feeding our talent pipeline,” shared Jennifer Alkiewicz, Director of U.S. Campus Programs for TCS.

Tata 072616 - Photograph © Bruce Crippen Photography LLC

A culture of giving back

TCS is helping to close North America’s STEM education gap by offering pro bono technology consulting services. goIT, TCS’ signature community engagement program, teaches computer science, robotics and design, with a specific focus on girls, minorities and other under-represented groups. This was highlighted by Lina Klebanov, Senior Manager for TCS’ STEM Education Programs, and Arif Rahman, Technology Specialist, STEM Programs.

The CSR initiative earned high marks from many attendees, including Otis Scott from University of Texas, San Antonio, who called it a “unique program that will resonate with young people, as students want to work for companies that give back to their communities.”

Tata 072616 - Photograph © Bruce Crippen Photography LLC

The attendees were also taken on a walk-through of the wooded trails of Seven Hills Park and given a tour of the TCS Innovation Lab, where TCS’ state-of-the-art solutions to solve real-world problems for customers and industry partners around the world were on display.

Soft skills in demand

Recognising the importance of building leadership and soft skills, Melissa DiGirolamo, Head of the Initial Learning Program (ILP), spoke about the six-week training course that prepares campus hires for their future projects with clients. A panel of recent hires, software engineers and managers too shared their perspectives on the TCS talent experience, ranging from the ILP program to career development and community engagement to leadership support.

Tata 072616 - Photograph © Bruce Crippen Photography LLC

Led by TCS recruiters and executives, this two-day conference was the perfect preparation for the upcoming campus recruitment season.

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