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June 16, 2016

  Situated in the lap of Kolkata’s upcoming business district, New        Town, TCS Gitanjali Park is a sprawling 40-acre campus of prime      real estate, owned by TCS. It has been conceptualised by world-      renowned architects, CannonDesign of USA, and is an integrated      development centre focused on delivery and knowledge creation.

With effective utilisation of its 2.25 million square feet of built-up space, the TCS Gitanjali Park campus can accommodate up to 17,000 associates. This gives it the unique distinction of being the largest owned IT campus in Eastern India.

An abode of peace

The architectural framework of Gitanjali Park has been influenced by Rabindranath Tagore’s Shantiniketan. The campus and internal spaces have been planned in keeping with the traditional Bengali courtyards. The design of the campus lends itself to the creation of open and green collaboration spaces for a confluence of people, as well as new ideas. Additionally, all the campus buildings are oriented to capture the ideal amount of sunlight.

The building’s contemporary facade is yet another distinctive feature. The northern facade is designed to give the illusion of moving with the observer, while the southern facade captures random forms into a rhythmic pattern in three dimensions.

TCS Gitanjali Park houses multiple conference rooms, presence rooms, demo rooms and labs, in addition to four business centres spread over 30,000 square feet to facilitate multiple client engagements. The impressive multi-purpose 700-seat Convention Centre occupies pride of place as one of the largest of its kind within TCS.  It boasts of a 500-inch screen and state-of-the-art audio and video technology.

_DSC6838  Fifteen thousand square feet of space is dedicated                  exclusively to housing various interview and assessment          rooms. The Learning &  Development Centres are spread        over 30,000 square feet and offer 1,000 seats equipped          with iClass Virtual Training technology, making this a truly      world-class facility. The duplex resource centre, spanning        12,000 square feet, offers multimedia and virtual libraries.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle

More than 4,000 dining seats, spread out over four multi-cuisine cafeterias, provide various meal options for TCS associates. A dedicated Fit4life healthy food corner has been set up in the canteen area. There is ample opportunity for associate engagement activities as well with the presence of two lawn tennis courts and a basketball court, along with a fully equipped gym.

Optimum utilisation of space and energy

TCS Gitanjali Park has been designed to match the global standards of sustainability and has received the prestigious Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) Gold rating for New Construction (NC). Everything at TCS Gitanjali Park is managed automatically and system driven, making it a truly intelligent facility. A unique feature of this facility is that it is a completely differently abled compliant campus, making it a truly inclusive facility.

_DSC3265  The entire campus is spread across 11 blocks that are connected      by pathways, which draw inspiration from the delta of the Ganges    as it flows through Bengal. Care has been taken to include                extensive landscaping on the premises, and over 3,500 trees have    been planted. Two unique ‘sky gardens’, located on the higher            floors within the building structures, complement the greenery on the campus and present spectacular views of the vicinity.

An environmentally conscious campus, Gitanjali Park uses space and energy as efficiently as possible to create a truly sustainable workplace. It is a zero discharge campus, with 100 per cent water neutrality. No water is wasted, and the recycled water is used in landscaping, washrooms and in air-conditioners.  There are fully functional in-house plants for water and sewage treatment.  The solar panels present on campus have a capacity to produce 300 KW of solar energy on site.

Since its inception, TCS Gitanjali Park has emerged as a centre for customer satisfaction and employee welfare. It manages to strike the perfect balance between providing an invigorating environment for TCS’ business development and at the same time serving as a tranquil and healthy workplace.

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