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July 8, 2020

Your digital profile is the gateway to getting a prospective employer to give your resumé a second look. Here’s how you build one.

In my previous blog, I highlighted how your resumé has the potential to impact the hiring manager’s mindset. In this post, let’s discuss the distinct competitive advantage we can gain with a well-written digital profile. After creating a résumé, crafting a crisp digital profile is the next important thing to do.

First of all, what is a digital profile? Digital and social profiles have become commonplace in communities like academia, employer groups, special interest grids etc. as a reflection of your personality – it’s your online brand, and if left unattended, could hinder your professional standing, image, and career. If used effectively, however, it could serve to unlock a realm of exciting professional connects and career opportunities. Here’s a big clue about how to create a digital profile.

Just like any other content, digital profiles, too, are governed by the golden rule of writing appropriate content for audience, context, and usage. Although your résumé will be read by hiring managers, your digital profile will most likely just be scanned and not read end-to-end. Therefore, its contents must be both -- readable and ‘scanable’ without compromising its key message.

Presenting a few basic tips to strengthen the impact of your digital profile:

  • Start with a well-crafted introduction that brings out your core competencies, strengths, skills, and achievements.

  • Support the introduction with a professional headline that summarizes your experience and value.

  • Support job titles with roles, responsibilities, and value created.

  • Summarize challenges and explain how they were addressed.

  • Use a clear, high-resolution professional photograph.

  • Refrain from using adjectives like guru, wizard or storyteller to describe yourself. These words are mere blind spots, and add little value as they convey nothing specific.

In addition to the human mind, your digital profile must also cater to the needs of another important audience type – search engines. Using the appropriate keywords can make an impact on the best of search engines’ algorithms. Feed them with the apt keywords and they, in turn, will direct prospective employers to your profile. If you have posted thought leadership content elsewhere on the web, make sure to include these links.

Stay active on your profile with meaningful updates and relevant content to stay in the search engines’ purview – more often than not, the key to high search engine ranking is fresh, relevant, and original content. Technology-wise, most organizations today use some form of source code, document, and version management tool. So do showcase your technical expertise, articulation ability and management skills. For instance, highlighting your coding persona via GitHub and Stack Overflow repositories is a good way to exhibit coding competencies.

Finally, it’s important to ensure consistency between your résumé and digital profile – especially in the areas of roles, positions, and experience duration – regularly update both these profiles and keep them in sync. Armed with these two content tools, you could well make a mark – and not just leave a footprint – on the digital highway. We hope these tips to create a digital profile will add value to your candidature.

Your feedback will surely help us evolve in our future collaborations with you. Do mail us your insights and comments and let us know of what other career tips you seek, at

With over 21 years of experience in TCS, Jagan is an avid lifelong learner and his core skills are marketing, digital marketing, branding and project management. He has domain knowledge on general insurance and is UK-CII certified in ‘Risk and Insurance’. In his current role as a Head,  Branding, TCS Talent Acquisition, he is responsible for conceptualizing, designing and developing marketing and branding solutions to attract talent to TCS. Jagan holds a Post Graduate Executive Program in Management (PGXPM). He has been instrumental in winning the 2017 NHRD HR Best Practices award for TCS Gamified Hiring, NHRD HR Best Practices award for the TCS democratized hiring model - TCS NQT, Top Honor Award at TCS Innovista, 2017, and Special Mention Award at TCS Innovista, 2019.



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