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January 13, 2017

The beginning of the year is a good time to take stock of things, count your hits and misses, evaluate how you fared, and where you stand compared to a year ago. Even as we look at the year ahead with optimism and renewed energy, keen to explore new ideas and work on subjects and opinions that you, readers of Because Digital, would like to read, we also took a look back at what worked for us last year. Here is a quick recap of our top ten most read blogs of 2016 – in case you missed them or simply want to revisit them to see how those thoughts hold today.

Smart city transformation, enhancing customer experiences via digital technologies, retail trends brought about by digital transformation were some of the hot topics this year that our readers enjoyed reading and sharing.

Heres the complete list of the top ten 2016 Because Digital blogs.

How IoT is Changing the Way We Live

Since the beginning of time, we have strived for ways to make life easier. Whether its the wheel, the light bulb, the printing press, computers, Smartphones, or a host of other advancements, the intent has never changed make our lives easier, more comfortable and reduce our workloads. Today, the Internet of Things (IoT) promises to change our lives in ways we could have never imagined just a few years ago. Everyday objects are being combined with Internet connectivity and powerful data analytics capabilities that promise to transform the way we work, live, and play.

Brand Storytelling Stories that Build Customer Loyalty

All around the world brands are making storytelling the core foundation of their marketing campaigns in order to build deeper engagement with their customers and prospects. By building an emotional connection with audiences, storytelling leaves people feeling nostalgic, happy, sad, or warm.The essence of the stories that brands tell to their customerscreates an identiy that customers can relate to and trust.

Are you the retailer customers are looking for?

Todays retail customers shop on their own termsin stores, on the devices they choose, at times that are convenient for them and from locations that are most appealing. They expect seamless value and service, and relevant dialogues (not one way monologues) that engage with them, their social circles and their other preferred brands. They want simplicity and convenience across their everyday journeys.

Millennials and the Importance of Being Earnest

Millennials, born from 1977-1995, make up 25% of the population in the U.S. with 80 million members and more than $200 billion in annual buying power. Its no wonder companies are competing for their attention and loyalty. There are many studies and reports about what millennials care about and how to win their attention and build lasting relationships with them. While many traits were mentioned over and over again, what always seemed to rise to the top is the fact that millennials are drawn to brands that are authentic, that align with their values, are socially conscious, transparent and provide quality products and services.

Smart City First Steps: Managing Chaos through Good Governance

This guest blog by IDCs smart city expert analyst Ruthbea Clarke, highlighted the worlds first smart city guidelines as outlined by the city of New York along with partners like TCS.

The concept of the Smart City is no longer theoretical; more and more cities are piloting and investing in solutions that are transforming their operations and services delivery. However, with this transformation comes complexity as physical assets become digitized. These new digital assets start collecting and producing new data and information, altering not only operational processes and service offerings but also procurement and governance models. For example, a street light is no longer static illumination, but a programmable asset that serves as a sensor and video platform. A park bench is a WiFi charging station that collects data.

Angel Investors and Other Creative Ways to Finance Smart Cities

Smart city initiatives come with a price tag. Once cities have determined which projects and investments are best for their citizens, they must find ways to pay for them. There are many financing options from both traditional and innovative sources. Senthil Gunasekaran, a smart cities expert with TCS Digital Software & Solutions Group, illustrates the different methods of sourcing funds for smart cities.

Making a customer love connection: A retail success story

Nicole Fortenberry from TCS Digital Software & Solutions Group narrates an interesting retail experience that she had while shopping for lighting fixtures online. In this blog, by narrating her experience she personally attests to the power of an authentic, emotional experience and the impact it can have on increased brand loyalty.

The TCS New York City Marathon: A Living Lab for the Ever-Changing Consumer Experience

Being the title sponsor of the TCS New York City Marathon is more than a chance to boost TCS presence in a key market. Its a unique opportunity for us to understand how new technologies can help companies in all industries deliver a more personalized and engaging experience for their customers. Seeta Hariharan, GM and Group Head TCS Digital Software & Solutions Group narrates how the insights captured from immersive experiences of marathon participants and spectators are helpful for building intelligent and connected customer journeys.

Reinventing the Shopping Experience

Leading retail brands are undergoing digital transformation to more effectively engage with their customers, leveraging data and technology to create unbelievable customer experiences. Kathleen holm from TCS Digital Software & Solutions Group points out several examples of how digital savvy retailers are investing in their digital transformation efforts in order to understand and serve their customers better across all channels.

The only thing constant is change: The need for an agile customer and operational analytics platform

Technology is becoming so infused in our everyday lives that we hardly realize its there. Our homes, cars, clothes, devices have embedded sensors that automatically adjust thermostats, drive us where we need to go, curate data and information based on our interests and more. The amount of data generated about and by us is growing exponentially on a daily basis as the number of data sources and data typesinternal, external, partners, social listening, consumer feedback, Internet of Thingscontinues to steadily increase.Turning this vast amount of data into meaningful insights and actions is key to thriving in todays super-connected, digital age.

We closed 2016 on a high note, 2017 promises to be even better, and the Because Digital blog will continue to share current and relevant insights. Look forward to hearing more from you.

Aditi Roy Ghatak is Digital Marketing Content Strategist with the TCS Digital Software & Solutions Group. She has extensive experience in technology research which includes upcoming trends in the digital, social and information technology field and analyzing their applications across businesses. She also has prior experience in market intelligence activities which included studying industry trends to identify potential business opportunities and has been responsible for segment and account based marketing. She has published articles on enterprise cloud applications across industries and digital as well as social media trends. She covers current topics and digital trends in the e-Commerce and customer analytics space on the Because Digital blog.


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