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February 21, 2018

The business world today runs on software. However, it can become obsolete in a matter of days. Customer needs and expectations change at the blink of an eye, and barriers to entry in almost every industry are falling at unprecedented rates.

To keep up with the constantly changing world of commerce, organizations rely on agile software development methods. Be it financial services companies, high-tech enterprises, or retailing giants, the agile method has been widely adopted.

Why has agile become hugely popular? Compared to traditional software development, agile methods let companies evolve their scope of work and keep up with the changing trends, provide early delivery of value, even while the project is under way. Companies using agile methods are able to accelerate software development and better manage changing priorities.

However, a number of companies are struggling with agile development or seeing mixed results. This is happening, because while they embrace Agile Project Management and Engineering practices, they also need to look at scoping and budgeting in a different way.

To learn how they do that, read my article Why Agile Software Development Requires Radical Changes in Budgeting and Scoping in this edition of our management journal, Perspectives.


Nidhi Srivastava is Vice President & Global Head, Google Cloud Business, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). In this role, she leads TCS’ Google Cloud partnership, guiding companies to accelerate value from their cloud transformation initiatives and cultivating digital transformation of legacy business models. She provides strategic guidance on new and emerging use-cases for enterprise cloud, helping companies achieve agility, efficiency and scale.

Nidhi has over 25 years of experience in delivering consulting solutions across industries. Prior to her current role, she led TCS’ Enterprise Intelligent Automation and AI Practice, where she guided companies to transform into agile enterprises. Nidhi has also worked with leading banking and financial services organizations to drive their digital transformation.

Nidhi has been an advisory member with the Software Engineering Institute for CMMI for Services, a member of the International Process Research Consortium at Carnegie Mellon University, and a member of the Women’s Leadership Network with AMCF. She currently resides in Chicago, Illinois.


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