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Record labels can leverage AI-powered insights to improve artist relationships

Tech startups, streaming services, and independent labels are transforming the recording business ecosystem, making it difficult for traditional record labels to attract and retain artists. Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to transform artist management and audience engagement through hyper-personalization. AI-based digital twin technology helps create virtual replicas of key entities such as artists, the audience, distribution partners, digital distribution channels, and merch lines. The dynamically twinned entities can be categorized into various archetypes to drive strategic decision-making and uncover linkages. For example, the impact of a tweet from an artist can be linked to record sales, audience reception of a tour, and merchandize inventories. With AI-powered insights, record labels can provide value-added services to entities involved while adding to the topline.

Agnetta Rebecca Ruskin

Consultant, TCS TwinX™, Communications, Media, and Information Services, TCS

Dimple Beck

Domain Consultant, TCS Media and Entertainment


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