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TCS Enables One IFFCO Vision

IFFCO’s greenfield implementation of SAP S/4HANA harmonizes processes globally, improves visibility

Consumer Goods and Distribution
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Legacy ERP with disparate processes prevented IFFCO from operating at full potential.

A multi-food products group based in the UAE, IFFCO had been using legacy ERP with disparate processes across 32 offices and 30 manufacturing facilities in 10 countries. This restricted stakeholders and business users from getting an integrated, transparent view across the enterprise. Users could not access real-time data for deeper business insights and business-critical decisions.

IFFCO needed a futuristic and scalable platform as a single source of truth. This would support automation, process simplification, standardization, digitization and analytics, helping the company stay relevant in the industry.



IFFCO partnered with TCS for their process harmonization journey with SAP S/4HANA on AWS Cloud.

The program objective is to achieve the goal of unified global business processes. To standardize processes across the enterprise, . TCS’ proprietary Transformation Delivery Methodology (TDM) and advisory services were deployed across the company’s business segments.

TCS built a global template for IFFCO’s business processes, incorporating industry best practices to eliminate complexities during multi-country rollouts and ensure faster time-to-market. The cloud-based SAP infrastructure setup removed silos in operation, automated and integrated processes across the value chain. Enabling integration of real-time commodity trade operations, TCS helped IFFCO introduce transparency for better operational planning. Fiori applications boosted user experience, offering smarter ways of working. TCS’ innovative solution for product costing allowed IFFCO to meet the requirements of its Back-to-Back Business scenario.

Throughout the transformation journey, TCS assisted IFFCO with organization change management and quality assurance. Working together in a hub-and-spoke model, TCS and IFFCO ensured successful engagement. Pilot implementation was performed in two countries, one in middle east and one in APAC region. At present 2 country rollouts are in progress.


Higher organizational productivity with greenfield implementation of SAP S/4HANA

With harmonized and simplified business processes across IFFCO entities, the company was able to embrace the vision of one common IFFCO. Improved decision-making with KPI measurements and actionable data insights helped the company achieve business growth with greater business agility. Benefits envisaged include:


digitized procurement approval cycle


system driven and error-free capex budget controls


End-to-end visibility and tracking of landed cost


Real-time inventory status to improve customer service and order fulfillment

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