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Life Sciences and Healthcare Genesis: A Journal of Innovation, Perspectives, and Observations

Transforming Automated Enterprises with Business 4.0TM

TCS Life Sciences and Healthcare Genesis is our prognostic thought leadership artefact featuring TCS’ perspective on emerging technologies that are shaping the life sciences & healthcare industry.  As pharma and healthcare companies are embracing digital technologies for convergence, they must embrace a Business 4.0TM approach that enables them to leverage AI, automation, agile, and cloud technologies in their transformational journeys. Genesis brings to you powerful insights by seasoned industry experts into the today and tomorrow of the life sciences and healthcare industry.

The theme of this edition is “Transforming Automated Enterprises with Business 4.0TM” through which we seek to explore how different dimensions of automation are transforming the life sciences & healthcare ecosystem, and how organizations can adopt innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence, conversational platforms, machine learning, and RPA to transform their execution outcomes and create exponential value for their businesses. 

Read this journal to explore how life sciences and healthcare organizations can become fully automated enterprises to drive faster clinical innovation, increase returns from their R&D costs, reduce time to market, and meet the demands of a complex regulatory landscape.

  • ‘Focal Point’ Articles:
    • A Defense against the Old Arts: Automating Life Sciences & Healthcare in a Business 4.0TM World 
    • Scaling beyond human capabilities – need for AI based automation in Life Sciences
    • Automating Clinical Trial Data Management: A Business 4.0TM  Roadmap
    • Automation: Taking Care Delivery Forward in the Healthcare Industry
  • ’In Conversation With’ Rachna Malik, Global Head, Advanced Drug Development Platforms, TCS:
    • Business 4.0TM approach to steer Business Agility and Transformation in the Life Sciences Industry
  • ’Spotlight’ stories:
    • Matters of the Heart – Physionet Case Study
    • Achieving Operational Coherence - Unifying a Pharmaceutical Major’s Global R&D Operations
    • Listen and Learn - Automating Pharmacovigilance Monitoring with TCS IPS Decision FabricTM
    • TCS Streamlines eTMF Implementation Process by Reducing 70% Manual Intervention 
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