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The pervasiveness of digital technologies offers a plethora of choices to enterprises and business leaders. Accelerating business growth, bringing operational efficiencies through automation and cloud, creating new business models through artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, and deriving intelligence through analytics in a dynamic market place have become a part of the transformation agenda of digital enterprises.

TCS Solution

The Machine First™ approach allows technology the first right of refusal to sense, understand, decide, and act in a robust networked environment equipped with analytics and AI, with the learning platform enabling superior quality information across the enterprise in real time, all the time. The MFDM™ Framework includes the Enterprise Intelligence Platform that converts inputs from multiple sources into a problem for the machine to decide and solve, the Enterprise Response Engine that orchestrates the decided course of action, and the Collaboration platform that helps the machines to learn. MFDMTM Maturity Model and Execution Model help map the Machine FirstTM journey.


  • Drive superior customer experience
  • Transform to technology-led operations
  • Customize services for stakeholders
  • Free human resources for higher value work
  • Build inherently secure and compliant processes
  • Straight-through processing of requests
  • Increase speed to market


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