Building the Future-ready Enterprise with MFDM™

TCS’ MFDM™ (Machine First Delivery Model) lays out a structured approach to digital transformation. It helps automate all business process activities that can be automated, and turn them into intelligent processes. MFDM™ involves giving the first right of refusal to technology with a view to augment human capability with automation, analytics and AI.

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Six Ways MFDM Elevates the Customer Experience

Intelligently Automating

Preventing Breakdowns

Fixing Problems

Eliminate and Improve

Supercharging Field

Enabling Do It Yourself

Improved Customer Experience

Human-machine collaboration is expected to drastically improve customer experience and therefore their delight. Customer experience can go up by notches with sophisticated, data- driven, self-service platforms like chatbots. Cognitive call centers that employ virtual agents and virtual assistants enable human customer support agents to be smarter, better, and faster. Add predictive communication capability to this mix and you can rest assured that your online customers will not go elsewhere for want of better options.       Download the PDF


Leveraging Ecosystems with MFDM

Be it the steam engine, electric bulb, computer, or robot, machines have been at the core of industrialization evolution from the late 18th century through today’s Industry 4.0. They have been there for us when volume and coverage mattered. However, this digital economy, accelerated by automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence, demands a delivery paradigm vastly different from the conventional one. This new machine first model for delivery will be hinged on human-machine collaboration. Human ingenuity, together with machine precision and power will, be the guiding force for elevated growth and success in this Business 4.0™ era.

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A Machine-First Approach to Automation-based Digital Transformation

To take a Machine First approach to digital transformation, learn how you should begin identifying the physical and knowledge work that machines should do.   Learn More


The Machine First Advantage

Machine First is giving the first right of refusal to technology focusing on business outcomes. It is about human ingenuity augmented by analytics, automation, and artificial intelligence for enhancing the potential of the enterprise. It is built around a robust networked environment for the machines to sense, understand, decide, and respond. We create a learning platform where the capability is continuously enhanced with superior quality information shared across the enterprise in real time all the time.

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TDC Group client testimonial on MFDM™

TDC Group, the largest telecom company in Denmark, partnered with TCS seven years ago. Check our client testimonial video to know how TCS has helped TDC Group, to develop an intelligent customer-centric solution through the Machine First™ Delivery Model.