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TCS Customer Intelligence & Insights (CI&I) for Banking and Insurance

Deliver personalized CX


The Challenge

In the age of digitalization, banks have realized that conventional methods to attract and retain customers are no longer adequate. They have been forced to come up with innovative ways to shape customer journeys and deliver more value. For this, banks must respond effectively to changing customer behaviors and tackle challenges regarding compliance and regulations, cost optimization, hyper-personalization, infrastructure upgrade, and profit maximization.

The Solution

TCS Customer Intelligence & Insights (CI&I) for banking and insurance is built specifically for improving the customer experience in retail-consumer, small to midsize business (SMB), commercial, corporate banking and insurance.

Its pre-built use cases sit on an extensible enterprise platform that is designed to monitor, manage, and optimize the customer experience in real time., identify and capitalize on opportunities faster, and build loyalty and value with every customer interaction.


  • Deepen customer loyalty by delivering hyper-personalized customer experiences
  • Boost campaign success by delivering real-time, contextual offers and recommendations
  • Increase engagement based on customer preferences, affinities, and predispositions
  • Streamline tasks and realizing faster results with pre-built use cases for banking
  • Explore cross-sell and up-sell opportunities with real-time next-best offers

TCS Customer Intelligence & Insights for Banking and Insurance

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