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Companies today are seeking to track and manage usage patterns and customer experience (CX) across omnichannel environments. This is due to multiple factors such as unavailability of reliable insights on their CX maturity, lack of clarity on improving CX, and quality of experience being perceived to be a stand-alone entity against the functional quality facets. Businesses are closely working with their IT organization to ensure regulatory compliance, robust security, and capex optimization to avoid penalties, security breaches, reputational damage and revenue loss.

TCS Solution

The platform uses machine-led approach for integrating test infrastructure (devices, OS/browser combinations) and skills required to deliver superior CX.  The solution includes:

  • CX quality assessment of applications on performance, security, usability, accessibility and compatibility
  • Mapping CX maturity along with qualitative insights
  • Capabilities to cover in-depth execution of CX quality parameters 
  • ScriptBot-based test automation to deliver functional, browser compatibility and accessibility testing
  • Machine-led performance testing capabilities to deliver insights on potential pitfalls
  • Bundled services with ‘on demand’ access to SME and test infrastructure to lower capex 


Enterprise can reap the following benefits with TCS’ CX Assurance Platform Services:

  • Better business outcomes: Machine-led and on-demand quality engineering services delivering superior customer experience resulting in increased customer visits, lesser bounce rate and higher conversions
  • Reduced capital expenditure: Leverage self-service, zero capex platform and deliver first-time-right quality
  • Improved compliance: Ensure regulatory compliance and obtain relevant certifications
  • Superior business agility: Up to 30% reduction in time to market for rollout of new features, via automation of CX quality assessment and execution

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