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TCS Facilitates In-house Collaboration

Interactive platform boosts synergy among teams at Tata Communications Ltd., drives sales.

Tata Communications Limited (TCL)
Salesforce Sales Cloud

Lack of consolidated customer data management lowered sales effectiveness.

To enhance engagement and collaboration between their marketing, sales, and ancillary teams, Tata Communications Ltd. (TCL) needed an interactive platform that was also cost-effective. They needed to consolidate customer master data management so they could optimize automation, provide better insights, and drive sales cycle execution. An integrated solution would go a long way towards improving their customer experience as well. 


TCS partners to implement SalesCloud module with business-driven application enhancements.

To meet TCL’s goal of enhancing collaboration among their sales, marketing, and ancillary teams, we implemented and enhanced the Sales Cloud module for their Enterprise Business Unit.

We began with a proof of concept and design, and configured the system to automatically validate custom supplier tasks for feasibility management. We then defined security settings to control access to the system. Next, we implemented customized search features and designed workflows to simplify email communication. Finally, we established rules for assigning and approving products and services.

“The TCS team has worked very hard to help us pull this off.”

Director, Global Data and Mobility Solutions

We brought high levels of automation to creating and assigning products and services, enhancing the site feasibility module, and verifying customers’ credit. This streamlined several processes in the sales cycle and helped prepare TCS opportunity orchestration.

Our solution successfully catered to TCL’s Indian and international locations, and ultimately improved customer experience.

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