TCS Incubation

Powering Future-ready Businesses

Our Incubation team identifies and nurtures innovative ideas to build emerging businesses.


The TCS Incubation team identifies, nurtures, and builds emerging businesses by leveraging new-age technologies and business models. Our in-house innovation program TCS Éntrepreneurship Junction (TÉJ) leverages global best practices, lean start-up methodology, and design thinking to provide idea selection, development through rapid validation, and delivery of a minimum viable product for big bets.

TÉJ enables customers, experts, entrepreneurs, and our COIN™ ecosystem of start-ups and research partners to come together and rapidly convert innovative ideas into disruptive business offerings. The passion of our innovators, deep knowledge of our industry and technology experts, and the proven rigor and scale of the Global Network Delivery Model™ (GNDM™) enables us to rapidly solve problems and deliver unmatched value to customers.

TCS Incubation’s current focus areas include:

  • TCS Connected Universe Platform
  • Operations Framework
  • Drones
  • Cognitive/Artificial Intelligence
  • Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality, and more

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