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TCS sees greater demand to transform India’s first generation e-governance projects

Economic Times - Sept 23  

TCS runs India’s passport project and India Post’s digital and financial inclusion project, among other e-governance projects. The government is stepping up use of such projects, including the one for income tax filings.

On August 31, nearly five million people filed their tax returns online, a record for a single day. Managing this system required TCS to keep working round-the-clock the week prior to the filing deadline. “We are seeing two types of demand. One, for the transformation of the first generation of e-governance services using newer technologies such as cloud and analytics, and two, for newer projects, from healthcare to smart police and smart cities. At any given time, we have three to four requests-for-proposal ongoing,” Tej Paul Bhatla, head of TCS’ public services business unit told The Economic Times.

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