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Governments globally have rolled out a slew of COVID-19 aid packages for businesses in response to the pandemic-induced crisis. The intent is to help businesses of all sizes to tide over cash flow and funding crunch. From small business funding programs like the Paycheck Protection Program and Main Street Lending Program in the US to Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme and Coronavirus Large Business Interruption Loan Scheme in the UK and the Business Credit Availability Program in Canada, all these multi-billion-dollar schemes are routed through banks. Banks must therefore rapidly scale up and enhance their credit management platforms to originate and service the large influx of requests.


TCS’ business lending reference model and credit technology services will help banks in quickly adapting their technology platforms and be ready to participate in various COVID-19 aid programs for businesses.

These models define interventions at various stages of the loan lifecycle such as origination, underwriting, fulfilment, and servicing. The key components of the reference model are:

  • Illustrative processes configured in a BPM platform
  • Recommendation engines to suggest suitable financing options
  • Automated calculations to determine eligibility as per government guidelines
  • Post funding monitoring to ensure compliance

TCS’ reference model will enable banks to accelerate the implementation of required enhancements to their existing credit management systems.


With TCS’ COVID-19 Aid Programs Implementation Framework, banks can rapidly and cost-effectively incorporate enhancements to their credit management platforms, while reducing instances of defects in intended enhancements. These enhancements will enable banks’ customers to have easy and timely access to government aid.

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