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Acquiring a transparent view of ESG data enabled through sustainability frameworks



Organizations are looking to build a sustainable framework for financial transactions and investments to improve their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) ratings. However, the legislative tools used to combat greenwashing, standards for measuring ESG investments, and tools for analyzing metrics and financial returns are in early stages of evolution. Further, third-party ESG rating agencies that can help evaluate the alignment of investments with sustainability goals are not uniform in ratings or traceability to the original dataset, rendering these less effective.


TCS ESG integration helps BFSI institutions control and track ESG data across financial and investment portfolios. The solution helps identify the parameters needed to build sustainable frameworks and contributes directly to scoring methodologies to provide a transparent view of the ESG data. The solution provides the following capabilities:

  • Indicator library: Configure the performance framework, add or remove indicators, and assign criticality to indicators to enable requirement-driven ESG performance tracking.

  • Data acquisition and analytics framework: Capture data and enable transparency with AI and machine learning-based algorithms.

  • A complete 360o ESG view: Digitize the existing offline methodology and frameworks, and consume data from external providers via APIs or excel feeds to generate a 360-degree view of the investment/holding companies.

  • Accurate ratings: Leverage relevant, accurate data from leading data providers to get access to accurate ESG ratings, and create a positive social impact.

TCS ESG integration helps BFSI institutions control and track ESG data across financial and investment portfolios


The solution provides the following benefits to enterprises:

  • An agnostic view of the underlying data points to track ESG performance based on specific requirements or themes
  • Transforming data from external data providers into strategic investment insights to compare and analyze ESG performance
  • Enhanced portfolio construction with a deep-dive view on the ESG performance of individual companies for monitoring of conventional and ESG funds
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements through a transparent view of the ESG data
  • Evaluation of sustainability risks and impact of the investments or assets

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