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TDC’s legacy workforce management framework was unable to manage rising workloads


TDC employed a large pool of field technicians, allocated to tasks as diverse as order installation, fixing fallouts, and capacity management. However, planning and distribution was entirely manual, leading to scheduling errors and resource underutilization. An employee’s beat was divided into small areas with hard boundary rules which impeded flexibility. Technicians had to travel long distances between assignments, resulting in escalating costs and hours. Further, the existing IT system was unable to reconcile complex labor rules, such as shifts, vacations, and overtime.

This impacted service level, leading to low ‘first time fix’ rates. TDC urgently needed an end-to-end workforce management overhaul, deploying next-gen systems to boost employee performance. 




TCS’ IFS expertise enables enterprise-wide digital transformation for TDC


TDC decided to deploy a cutting-edge field service management platform, based on the market-leading IFS ERP technology suite. The company partnered with TCS, recognizing our expertise in project management and Gartner-accredited IFS implementation leadership.

TCS collaborated closely with TDC, translating their requirements into actionable IT stories. After outlining a bespoke implementation strategy and ensuring timely go-live in multiple geographies, we migrated TDC’s workforce to the IFS platform. This involved configuring complex business rules, auto-setup of SLAs, and custom UI enablement for minimal disruption to different personas.

The new framework automates tasks management through a robust planning and scheduling optimization engine. Back-office processes are streamlined, seamlessly applying boundary setting and labor union rules. The solution also comes with a mobile app, offering greater flexibility and visibility for technicians always on the move. 




TDC achieves 100% dispatch automation, led by TCS’ stringent SLA adherence. 


TDC was able to optimize tasks scheduling and resource dispatch, using the new IFS Field Service Management solution. Workforce utilization has witnessed a marked increase, with significantly more assignments completed in a single work-day. This in turn has led to higher customer satisfaction, reinforcing market leadership for TDC.




Time spent driving between jobs


automation of task dispatch processes

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What Made it happen


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