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“We're now on an infrastructure that we can rely on. It's not keeping me awake at night worrying about it any more, and it's delivering responses to queries in about a tenth of the time when it was previously, so that's really important as the business increasingly everyday relies more and more on information.”

Howard Watson, CEO, Technology Service and Operations, BT

Banking on the two-decade long partnership with TCS, British Telecommunications sought our support in transforming its enterprise data warehouse to enable real-time business decision-making. 

Experience Results

TCS helped BT seamlessly migrate the highly critical enterprise data warehouse(EDW) for both consumer as well as B2B business. This drove significant improvements in the company’s performance by enhancing business agility and responsiveness to market dynamics.

Experience Partnership

TCS’ extensive experience in the telecommunications industry, proven track record of managing large-scale data warehouse implementations, and real, on-ground understanding of BT’s business made it the ideal choice for this strategic program. 

Experience Leadership

With TCS as a key partner, BT was confident of pulling through this enormous task of data migration, something that the company had been aiming to do for a long time.

Howard notes how TCS’ understanding of the dynamics of the telecommunications industry, as well as the nuances of data migration, make it a thought leaders in this space.

“TCS truly stepped up to what we asked them to do, which is to be a thought leader in this space, really helped us mitigate any risk for the business”, Howard remarked.