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Kamal Bhadada

President, Communications, Media and Information Services (CMI), TCS

Leverage digital twins and a data-driven approach to improve decision-making

Companies often rely on intuition to address risks and seize new opportunities. In an uncertain environment, this may not be enough. Extracting value from real-time data enhances and accelerates experimentation, innovation, and decision-making. With the increased proliferation of IoT, cloud, 5G, and edge computing, digital twins and a data-driven approach will drive rapid innovation.

Digital twins help create virtual models of customers, products, processes, and resources. These models are then used to simulate a broad range of scenarios across sales and marketing, operations, customer experience, finance, network planning, and IT.

To successfully implement digital twins, telecom companies need to address a key challenge in cultural resistance to change. There is another big concern around data silos. Telecom companies need a robust information model, attract data science talent, create cross-functional teams, and secure leadership support to be able to truly tap into the digital twin potential. Learn more in this Harvard Business Review Analytic Services white paper sponsored by TCS.