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Partha Datta

Senior Domain Consultant, Technology Business Unit, TCS

Saloni Jain

Lead Solutions Architect, Technology Business Unit, TCS

Deepak Jain

Lead Solutions Architect, Technology Business Unit, TCS

GPU computing drives smarter autonomous systems for enhanced public safety

While Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) was originally meant for gaming and design that use advanced graphics, its applicability is being explored by businesses in other areas such as deep learning, video analytics, AI-led decision making, and so on. However, this does not signal the death of the CPU. In fact, the combined power of GPU and CPU will help accelerate analytics, engineering, and enterprise applications significantly.

We discuss two GPU adoption use cases in autonomous systems:

  • Autonomous vehicle driving safety: GPU will help improve driving speed and precision, while reducing the number of accidents and fuel intake
  • Autonomous drone search and rescue operations: GPU computing for drones in public safety will enable automated search and rescue operations, and quicker and safer disaster recovery through real-time drone traffic management