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Vikas Agarwal

Senior Consultant, Network Solutions and Services

Apurwa Loya

Business Analyst, Network Solutions and Services


  • For 5G network to reach the masses effectively, telcos need to deploy thousands of new small cells to cover target locations. 
  • To deploy the 5G infrastructure, telcos struggle with high cost, deployment time, and operational expenditure. Additional factors significantly impact deployment, such as network planning, site selection, installation, integration, testing, and making the site on air.
  • As multiple stakeholders work toward a common goal, speed and transparency are of the utmost importance throughout the network site engineering and deployment process. 
  • A framework with strict progress governance, end-to-end process visibility, intelligent data fabric, and a distributed structure using advanced technologies will simplify the site engineering process. 
  • A defined intent can scale up the site engineering process for network densification by orchestrating an automated and flawless integration for site optimization, performance testing, and acceptance before handing it over for operations.