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Analytics-driven asset & information management for future smart utilities.


Conventionally, utilities have their operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) systems in silos. Consumer-centric technologies and rising regulatory pressures are compelling utilities to manage multi-directional flows of real time data for effective asset and information management.

Integrating their IT and OT systems can help them convert real time data into actionable intelligence in order to bolster operational efficiency, slash costs, and serve their customers better.


TCS offers integration of operational and informational technologies as a full service to several Power, Gas & Water utilities.

We capitalized on our extensive experience in the IT and engineering domains to deliver significant value with minimum investment to global utility customers.

Our solution proposes the platform, product, and technology agnostic asset information management (AIM) framework that entails minimal change to utilities landscape.

Through this integration, we provide:

  •  A single view of truth and decision-making support by delivering the opportunity to perform a wide variety of analytics
  •  Optimized asset and performance management
  •  Right information to the right person at the right time in the right format


  •  Utilize current systems and the application landscape to the fullest potential
  •  Enable better decision making
  •  Increase regulatory and environmental reporting and compliances
  •  Reduce costs by optimizing processes and assets
  •  Align operational areas with overall business goals
  •  Improve customer service experiences with enhanced customer satisfaction
  •  Enable the deployment of new initiatives and services

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