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Satish Kumar Barnala

Solution Architect, HiTech business unit, TCS

Ensuring Quality and Predictability in Project Management with Scrum

Organizations are increasingly exploring new models to meet changing customer demands in agile delivery and managed services. However, it is a challenge to combine agile delivery principles with managed services in a single service model as they both have different underlying principles. Moreover, fluctuating demands, high costs, and increased customer risk make it a challenge to improve predictability. The key to successfully creating value with scrum-as-a-managed service is to ensure quality and predictability. This model is defined with a set of steps, as given below:

  • Establishing a common scale
  • Estimation standardization
  • Ensuring demand commitment
  • Determining the size of scrums
  • Defining metrics and the review process

This model can help enterprises combine managed service and agility, thereby creating a sustainable service model for improved customer experience.