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High tech companies are focusing on delivering personalized customer experiences

Technology has made delivering the right customer experience and managing the customer journey, both exciting as well as challenging. In this edition of ‘HiTech Insights’, we discuss how high tech companies can translate technology innovations into great value for customers.

We talk about how technology is instrumental in redefining the customer experience in the high tech industry and how companies can use technology to gain insights that further enable hyper-personalization of offerings.

This edition features:

  • A foreword by Nagaraj Ijari, Vice President and Global Head of the HiTech business unit at TCS that discusses how next-gen technologies can be harnessed to redefine customer experience
  • IDC Perspective: Is Customer Experience Now the Driving Force for the Supply Chain?
  • White papers:
    • Synthesizing Customer Experience for a Winning Edge: Role of CXM from pre-sales to after-sales support 
    • Reinventing Customer Experience in the High Tech Industry through IoT and Analytics: What can product usage insights offer
    • A Layered Approach to Building Next-Gen Customer Experience Management Platform: Benefits of a holistic CEM platform