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Ganesh Tonde

Domain Expert, Software Product Engineering, HiTech, TCS

Amol Nipanikar

Domain Consultant, Software Product Engineering, HiTech, TCS

Three areas where ISVs must transform to drive smart product development

Data insights generated from software products can be used to enhance user experience by reorganizing UI, providing smart recommendations, and enabling self-healing capabilities. Insights can also help product functional teams develop the right strategy, positively impacting time-to-market and product quality. However, implementing data analytics is challenging for independent software vendors (ISVs) given varied and scattered data resources.

Transforming a software product into an analytics-driven smart product requires ISVs to:

  • Transform the existing software product architecture by leveraging an analytics engine along with self-service visualization to enhance user experience, data management, and data security.
  • Restructure the product organization by collating all data, identifying new data sources, and building analytics-driven features.
  • Create an agile culture underpinned by unified analytics to combine key insights across sales, operations, product management, and product engineering to drive faster time-to-market and higher quality products.