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Cloud-based end-to-end vaccine management solution enabling contactless delivery


Vaccine management and administration logistics bottlenecks hamper its delivery to patients and citizens.

In the past year, vaccine development, approval and manufacturing has progressed at breakneck speed. Efforts are now being directed to administer the vaccines at scale by tapping into the retail pharmacies network. However, retail pharmacies lack the necessary scalable and elastic infrastructure (technical, physical, manpower) to follow-up, book appointments, reach out to the recipients and monitor the progress for administering vaccines. They also lack visibility and control over the supply and demand.

An end-to-end vaccine management solution can enable pharmacy retailers with their wide network and reach to administer the vaccines and do the testing effectively.




A Cloud- based vaccine administration and management solution that will allow for rapid scaling of the vaccination drive through retail pharmacies.

With the availability of COVID-19 vaccines, pharmacy retailers are now embarking on the next frontier – vaccine administration and management (VAM). To overcome the scale, complexity and speed associated with the VAM process, orchestrated planning and the use of digital technologies are paramount. Our comprehensive TCS COVID Care solution enables:

  • Self and family registration for vaccination
  • Choose pharmacy store location of customer’s choice
  • Real-time tracking of VAM processes
  • Vaccine availability and eligibility check
  • Easy and seamless appointment for self and family
  • Multi-channel appointment fixing via App, chatbots, conversational system and IVR
  • Seamless booking of the trip for vaccine administration with transportation ecosystem
  • Enhanced and contactless experience for customers and pharmacist
  • Accurate and in-time reporting
  • Integrated dashboard for pharmacists to track the schedules, orders, vaccine administration
  • Video calling with pharmacist and practitioners
  • Post vaccination monitoring
  • Inter-store movement of patients and allocation of vaccines


TCS COVID Care solution enables pharmacy retailers to make informed decisions based on real-time information of vaccine availability and eligibility checks. Benefits include:

  • Easy and convenient ways for appointment booking
  • Contactless experience for delivering enhanced customer experience
  • Seamless communication between pharmacist and patients (customers)
  • Digitization of pre- and post-vaccination processes enabling customers with extreme comfort and improved confidence building measures
  • Value added services for customers and pharmacy retailers 


With our deep contextual knowledge in healthcare and pharmacy retail domain, TCS can enable pharmacy retailers to be a critical contributor to a nation’s efforts to scale its vaccination and testing drive. TCS’ world-class Vaccine Management and Administration solution leverages IP from its existing off-the-shelf products, platform capabilities and contextual expertise to rapidly enable the vaccination ecosystem.

We offer:

  • Deep pharmacy and healthcare knowledge
  • Plug and play solutions
  • Global presence and Location Independent Agile™ delivery model
  • State-of-the-art technology ecosystem to address complexities


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