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Quartz Takes Off –Edition 3 

Quartz is enabling people to make payments with their mobile phones and for banks to issue digital bank guarantees to companies.  We’ve had a recent go-live using blockchain to track energy for solar projects, and another for interbank borrowing at a major private-sector bank in India.  These are just a few highlights of the very different industries and of the kind of work we are doing in filling white spaces with innovative solutions and leveraging DLT to do it differently and do it better.  

The magazine covers: 

  • Quartz Takes Off 
  • Quartz for Markets 
  • Quartz Partner Program 
  • Partners – Roxe | Thales 
  • Blockchain Research Institute
We are delighted with the successful integration of Thales with Quartz solutions, which will help organizations in extending their product portfolio to the exciting world of crypto and digital fungible and non-fungible assets
Todd Moore

Vice President, Encryption Products, Thales

Quartz Takes Off

Read the Quartz magazine edition #3 Quartz magazine featuring a special report on ‘Quartz Takes Off’ - 10+ clients going into production with blockchain in the past few months launch of Quartz for Markets, Quartz Partner Program – enabling technology providers to work with us through Quartz Hub and more.

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