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Dr. Hilde Vanaken

Head Industry Leaders, Lifesciences & Healthcare, TCS ADD Platforms

Diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility are the new buzz words in clinical trials. An equitable access to easily understandable, unbiased, and consistent communication of any study for informed decision making is the first and foremost fundamental step for any clinical trial participant.

Despite criticality of this process, consenting continues to remain a painful, cumbersome, and inefficient process to date. What is eConsenting and how does it ease the burden off the site staff. How does the industry need to look eConsent? What are the key considerations when implementing eConsent?

About the author

Dr. Hilde Vanaken
Dr Hilde is a passionate generalist with a track record of turning large & complex concepts into realization through collaboration. She joined TCS in 2019 as a Senior Industry Advisor for TCS Life Sciences & Healthcare having spent the previous +25 years at the pharma side where she shaped & led multiple cross-departmental & cross-pharma preclinical & clinical programs to success stories, e.g. Janssen’s Integrated Smart Trial & Engagement program, Transcelerate eConsent program.
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