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Zions Bancorporation executives discuss their journey with TCS BaNCS and how their decade long partnership has been successful in implementing a future core platform to stay competitive. 

Scott McLean, President and Chief Operating Officer, Zions Bancorporation said "our selection of TCS in 2013 was probably the best decision our company has ever made. This journey concludes in early 2023, where we would have fully implemented our new future core platform, the TCS BaNCS platform. It is going to be a strategic advantage for us for the next five years. It will take the rest of the industry at least five years to catch up with this". Watch the interview here

Jennifer Smith, EVP, Chief Technology and Operations Officer, Zions Bancorporation said "The partnership with TCS is at the root of why we were successful. This was not just the vendor who would call on us or we would call them when we had a problem. We were in the trenches together. We performed tens of thousands of test cases over and over again to ensure we were successful...We have hundreds of relationships with different suppliers in our organization, and they are good. But TCS is our strongest partner". Watch the interview here.