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Deliver superior customer experience with EV ecosystem management coupled with zero-touch operations


Automobile manufacturers worldwide have been looking to build a seamless electric vehicle (EV) charging ecosystem that provides a customer-friendly experience. However, poor charging infrastructure and manual processes in the operations department cause unnecessary delays, resulting in inefficiencies. Further, the lack of optimal business and financing models is a big hurdle in the widespread adoption of electric vehicles around the world.


TCS HOBS™ for Electric Vehicle Charging is built and designed to address the specific challenges of eMobility service providers (eMSPs) and charger point operators (CPOs) by allowing ecosystem integration, facilitating touch-free operations, enabling flexible journeys, and delivering enhanced customer experience

TCS Solution

TCS HOBS™ Electric Vehicle Charging delivers subscription management capability in an electric vehicle charging ecosystem (EVCE). It is integrated with four functions – product lifecycle management, customer lifecycle management, charging station management, and billing system management. The solution allows ecosystem integration across car owners, charging stations, and other partners. It provides the following capabilities:

  • End-to-end management: Leverage product management, customer relationship management, and order management on a single platform instead of multiple disconnected systems
  • Seamless ecosystem integration: Ensure smooth and timely adoption and integration of the new charging ecosystem with existing partners
  • Ease of operations: Ensure seamless experience for all stakeholders through zero-touch operations and real-time charging, interactive user rating system, besides an on-demand inventory listing
  • Mass customization: Drive mass personalization for consumers and fleet, make and type of electric vehicles, location and type of charging station


The integrated offering enables enterprises to:

  • Ensure smooth customer onboarding through automated processes
  • Drive faster launches through out-of-the-box processes
  • Gain access to better end-user data and leverage intuitive mobile application
  • Reduce truck rolls by up to 70% and fix more than 80% of issues remotely
  • Lower the total cost of ownership through intelligent charging and automation
  • Improve service level performance with advanced analytics to drive informed decision-making

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