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The advent of cloud technologies has transformed the business ecosystem of modern-day enterprises. Given the 24/7 availability of this data storage platform, it has become the preferred choice for companies to process digital workloads, especially in the wake of COVID-19. However, the complex nature of cloud platforms often leaves enterprises confused and undecided about the factors they should consider and give maximum importance to before embarking on their cloud journey. Many enterprises still have doubts about the cloud solution selection strategy, and are unsure about which cloud provider will best meet their needs and accelerate their business growth.

TCS Solution

To help the enterprises that are facing this situation, TCS has developed a Cloud 10 Methodology with built-in assessment framework that analyzes the top 10 enterprise guiding principles for the selection of the best cloud platform. The service ensures that the platform selected matches the business needs, application portfolio, and strategies of the enterprise. 

The key steps under TCS Cloud 10 Methodology are:

  • Assessing preferences of the enterprise and categorizing applications as per their importance to business continuity
  • Collating the data drawn from the assessment against all the cloud service providers under consideration
  • Breaking down each data bucket and capturing input on a scale of one to 10 against each cloud platform
  • Weighing the input value by different weightage assigned to each parameter by the enterprise
  • Summing up the value of each principle category under three major sub-evaluation criteria -- technology maturity, cloud execution, and enterprise strategy
  • Analyzing the cumulative score of each cluster to finalize the best possible cloud platform for the enterprise


The TCS Cloud 10 Methodology takes input on 10 most important aspects of cloud adoption based on the requirements of an enterprise. Some benefits that enterprises can reap with this built-in assessment framework are: 

  1. Select the best cloud option that adheres to the organization strategy and readiness
  2. Meet industry compliance in terms of data security, privacy, and other industry-specific statutory regulations
  3. Map journey to cloud and influence the subsequent application migration assessment
  4. Improve customer centricity and reduce go-to-market time
  5. Foster innovation and open new revenue channels
  6. Reduce decision making time by 60% 

TCS Advantage

TCS leveraged the vast contextual knowledge, expertise of working with leading enterprise across industries, and world-class cloud partners to design the TCS Cloud 10 Methodology. So, by joining hands with TCS, enterprises stand to gain from:

  1. End-to-end/hybrid cloud enablement across leading cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, and Google
  2. World-class expertise that helps engage, strategize, identify, and execute the perfect cloud solution
  3. A connected ecosystem that is future-ready and an interoperable platform with a strong foundation 

An agile and flexible system that performs a focused analysis using TCS Location Independent Agile™ to select the best cloud platform