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Drive intuitive HR experience and revamp employee experience with TCS' cloud-driven services


As cut-throat competition becomes a norm in an era of rapid technological advancements, organizations across the globe increasingly face the challenge of hiring and retaining world-class talent. A high attrition rate can lead to increased hiring and training costs and disrupt business processes in any company. As such, organizations need to adopt a culture of constant learning and up-skilling and imbibe the same in employees. This calls for phasing out legacy and manual processes and applications on priority and adopting Business 4.0™ principles to reduce HR expenses and cost, improve employee productivity, and ramp up payroll accuracy.


TCS Cognitive HR is a cloud-based platform that offers simplified, intuitive, and personalized experience to organizations at all levels, from HR managers to employees. The platform leverages the rich HR domain capability of TCS and is integrated with cognitive levers to address the modern-day challenges in human resource management. Overcoming the hurdles of ‘too much data’ and ‘very little insights’, TCS Cognitive HR enhances the capabilities of existing HR functions in any organization. 

Built on TCS’ Machine First Delivery Model™ (MFDM™) framework, the platform offers the following HR solutions across talent acquisition to employee separation life cycles: 

  • Provides dynamic and modular services to facilitate decision making

  • Accelerates hiring with interactive features such as smart CV screener and predictive demand forecast

  • Facilitates cost control with enhanced audit and control, and real-time analytics

  • Helps phase out legacy processes with operational dashboard  

  • Offers personalized learning content to develop core competences of employees

  • Reduces attrition by improving employee engagement

  • Leverages Business 4.0 principles to reshape all processes using agility, automation, intelligence, and cloud

  • Helps organizations become future-ready and purpose-led by giving control over key metrics, such as speed of implementation and payroll accuracy


TCS Cognitive HR leverages new-age technologies such as virtual assistants, prescriptive and predictive analytics, natural language processing and chatbots to transform HR business operations in an organization and providing an overall compelling experience. This delivers benefits such as:

  • Reduces HR expenses to operating ratio 

  • Reduces hiring cost and time 

  • Improves annual turnover rate 

  • Improves employee productivity and satisfaction

  • Increases learning effectiveness

  • Enhances payroll accuracy/timeliness


By partnering with TCS, organizations can leverage the following differentiators:

  •  Compelling experience thanks to enhanced employee engagement, agility enablers and productivity accelerators

  •  Intelligent and transformational HR solution with intuitive design built on cognitive foundation that provides real-time analytics and insight 

  • Simplified and dynamic pricing structure that allows flexibility of a modular solution 

  • TCS’ deep industry knowledge, vast HR domain capabilities, global coverage and innovation.


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