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Accelerate your journey towards an agile, software-defined environment


As businesses adopt next-generation technologies -- such as cloud computing, AI, automation, big data, analytics and IoT -- to drive product differentiation and create efficiencies, they need robust and business responsive networks. These technologies cannot be supported by outmoded networks unequipped to provide higher speed and bandwidth, and deliver automated application support. Moreover, companies need a flexible solution that can coexist with mission-critical, legacy network components.




, enhancing performance, delivering a superior user experience and boosting service availability. It enables enterprises to:

  • Assess as-is network infrastructure and select the best-fit solution for their environment
  • Adopt a factory approach and industrialized processes to streamline the transition
  • Accelerate network automation and experience exceptional business agility
  • Build applications for industry-specific use cases and maximize software defined networking
  • Provide single pane and manage hybrid networks seamlessly with TCS’ proprietary platform TNaaS


  • Achieve Business 4.0™ objectives with TCS’ enterprise network transformation SLAs
  • Enable network automation and leverage TCS’ proprietary tools to boost business agility
  • Migrate to an agile, flexible and intelligent network on time and budget
  • Minimize infrastructure TCO with our unit-based commercial models
  • Enhance network visibility and simplify MTMV infrastructure management
  • Adopt ‘NetDevOps’ and accelerate the design-to-provision cycle
  • Bolster network security with context-based security policy auditing and enforcement
  • Improve capex/opex savings, service availability, and user experience


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