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Behavioral, Business, and Social Sciences

Understanding and analyzing human behavior



This group works in the intersection of computer science, behavioral and social sciences, design, games, media, and entertainment, developing platforms and offerings to capture, analyze, and change human behavior.


The key sub-groups of this research area are:

  • Human-centric systems – well-being and norm compliance: This team offers tools, techniques, and computational- and behavioral science-driven frameworks to help stakeholders explore, measure, and act on different well-being and norm compliance scenarios. It uses personal informatics, serious games, modeling, and simulation to carry out focused research on these two themes

  • Human-centric systems – behavior modelling and simulation: This group is working on the modelling of consumer populations to help stakeholders simulate the effect of new campaigns, services, or business models and assess the potential business benefits

  • Purposeful games and personal informatics for behavior study and change: The games research team designs and prototypes novel game-based offerings for behavioral data collection and nudging

  • Behavior-driven service design: This group carries out research in service design and design interventions to analyze sustained behavior change

  • Area 66 – applying behavioral science and AI to entertainment: This research group works on analyzing media content usage; understanding the emotional intensity driving entertainment media; parsing social media posts to help clients assess campaign response; and more

People & Patents

  • Team: Led by Chief Scientist Vivek Balaraman, the team includes Mayuri Duggirala; Jayasree Raveendran; Siddhartha Sarkar; Sachin Patel; Gauri Deshpande; Suman Kumar; Arnab Chatterjee; Sandeep Athavale; Ashwanth Thotta; Vasundhara Agarwal; Akash Mohan; Ravi Mahamuni; Sylvan Lobo; Shivani Sharma; Ulemba Hirom; Niranjan Pedanekar; Savita Bhat; Rohit Saxena; Sarath S.; Rishabh Agrawal; and Tanmayee Joshi

  • Patents and publications (2016 onwards): This team has filed for seven patents and has had more than 10 papers published at different conferences and journals

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