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LeaD from Within | TCS 

At TCS, we believe there is a leader in each one of us. ‘Lead from within’ represents our commitment to groom and nurture leaders from within the company, encouraging and enabling their growth for each individual to progress forward. It brings our commitment to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion to life through visibility, mobility, and access. It is an integral part of our strategy, which ensures the integration and growth of historically underrepresented groups across all levels of the organization, and throughout our operating ecosystem.

We enable people to nurture their passions and fulfill their ambitions, filling over 90% of leadership positions through internal elevation. We empower each individual with access to the right opportunities, leadership and mentorship programs, and pathways of progression to create, contribute, change, innovate, learn, and lead—all toward our collective purpose of building greater futures.

These efforts create Pathfinders, leaders who define their own destiny, are bold enough to choose unconventional progression paths and pursue their ambitions. Our Pathfinders challenge themselves, bust stereotypes, look for opportunities to learn, and relentlessly drive progress for themselves, their teams, and for the larger ecosystem.

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