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Making Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace a Business Priority

Diversity in organizations helps establish inclusive cultures that drive growth

Creating an inclusive culture as a fuel for TCS’ Business 4.0™ framework requires organizations to focus on four key pillars:

  • Inclination and aspiration: Today, employees have an inherent inclination to make an impact and are more aware of their career path and aspirations. Firms must fuel these inclinations while balancing employees’ interests, empowering them with new skills and rejigging job roles
  • Inspiration for performance: With employees more willing to put in extra effort at work, organizations must create an inclusive culture that inspires performance. Do this by involving mentors, empowering employees by building mobility and technical fluency and providing self-inspired learning opportunities
  • Influencers in success: Focus on career growth enablers such as employee recognition, clear business strategy, access to digital learning platforms and building a collaborative, agile workplace
  • Internal value systems: A values-driven culture promotes diversity and inclusion in organizations