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Financial Wellness and the Contextualized Experience


This digital report, featuring research from Forrester, comprises an overview by TCS on the state of financial wellbeing in the US and the role banks can play in driving financial wellness. The report has two parts: the first presents the TCS viewpoint while the second holds a Forrester infographic outlining the state of financial well-being in the US in 2020.

40% of US online adults worry about forces outside of their control impacting their finances. 42% of young US online adults feel anxious about their finances; in the last 12 months, 22% paid a bill late and another 11% were unable to pay a bill.

- Forrester Infographic: The State Of Financial Well-Being In The US, 2020

The recession triggered by the pandemic has magnified these challenges and emphasized the urgent need for offerings to improve financial wellbeing. The report highlights the TCS perspective on how banks can leverage intelligent technologies and partner ecosystems and launch financial wellness solutions to:

  • Provide real-time financial advisory

  • Enable 360° view for better control

  • Deliver contextualized customer experience

Click here to read the complete report.