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Learn how Mars leveraged intelligent automation to create a digital workforce. 

Supply chain plays a critical role in the consumer packaged goods industry. Companies are using digital competencies in the supply chain to drive better products and services; those that don’t adopt will find themselves increasingly uncompetitive. Digital transformation and automation are competitive enablers in the modern, digital economy. Advanced supply chain capabilities can support more efficient and effective current business approaches as well as new business models that translate directly into tangible and measurable business performance.

This PeerScape report highlights how Mars is leveraging intelligent automation to implement a digital workforce across business functions, including intercompany chargebacks, order creation/fulfillment, purchase contract updates, and master data management. Mars has been on a digital transformation journey for a while now and, along its automation journey, it has partnered with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) for the intelligent automation road map. TCS has demonstrated strong domain and technology expertise that has helped Mars in creating a digital workforce to perform critical business operations. Furthermore, a digital worker cockpit was set up for better operational visibility and faster response of support operations through real-time monitoring of all digital workers. These transformed the business functions by bringing in efficiencies, reducing cycle time of business processes, improving customer experiences and making them more resilient. Digital workers were deployed seamlessly within a very short period of time to help successfully manage the abrupt volume spike, for example,  managing 200% order increase in some product categories from the pet care segment during the pandemic.